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What I can do for your brand.
What I can do for your brand.
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Being able to handle almost all aspects of a branding campaign from A-to-Z might seem odd these days.

However, when you have got the talent, the experience, and the capabilities to do so, it will be logical.

Video Production

Concept creation, video/film production, post-production, and audio/soundtrack production are all done in-house.. Briefly, a one-stop-shop production house.


Corporate Identity, Presentation Templates, Brand Identity Design, Company Profile, etc.


Commercial , Food, Product, Fashion, Event Photography.. All covered.

Web Design

Website Design & Development, Social Media channels Design and Integration, SEO, etc.

Some Interisting Facts
About Me

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My Biography //

Some Words About Me

My Biography

Throughout the years, I enjoyed learning many things in the field, and I will never stop learning. Besides all creative and technical aspects, the most important fact I have learnt is "If you want to do it, then do it right".

Work as a Freelancer

01. -
Work as a Freelancer

The Learning Curve

During my study in the American University in Cairo, I was very active in the cultural activities. I established the Art & Music Club and I was elected as the president of it. Meanwhile, I used my talent in photography, 2D & 3D graphic design as well as music composing to work as a freelancer and execute many projects for agencies and clients, among them were Gillette, Shell, Exxon Mobil, and more. I learnt many things in that period:

  • Building good relationship with customers.
  • Dedication and time management.
  • Never say "Never".

Expanding Possibilities

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Learning more, Expanding more...

My work experience during my university years helped me in my progress after graduation when I decided to establish my first Home Studio. With the start of the Internet Revolution, I was self-taught many related things, such as Web Design and Development, Videography and Social Media Integration. This helped me expand my client base and get more work and experience.

Expanding Possibilities

New Horizon

03. -

Moving to Dubai

In 2012, I established my first base in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. I utilized my talent and my previous experience to gain progress in such a competitive market. Since then, I have been working with many well-known Agencies and Clients, such as:

  • Point Blank Productions
  • Z-ONE Holding
  • Nakheel
  • Shadow PP
  • FP7
  • Starcom
  • P&G
  • Tamra C2
  • Dubai Government
  • Abu Dhabi TV
  • and more...

My Showreel as a Director/DP

Here is my Showreel as a Director/DP, and below is the link to my Portfolio which contains most of my previous and recent work. I worked in some of these projects as a Director,  some as and Cinematographer (DP), and some as an Editor/VFX Designer. Besides, you will find some samples of my Photography work as well.

My Portfolio


My Clients

Trusted by many well-known local and international Clients and Agencies.

Ready watch my work samples ?

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